Summer - 2021:

Highlighting Whimsical Flowers:

One of the great things about polymer clay is how pliable it is.  This allows it to be sculpted and molded into whatever you want. 

Flowers are great fun to sculpt and they don't always have to be realistic (although that is still my personal favorite.)  Adding a little whimsy to flowers make them lively and unique. 

            Jewelry Botanica by Becky Miller

Hand sculpted floral jewelry in polymer clay

About Me:

Becky Miller is best known for her subject matter of nature, especially flowers.  Whether painting or sculpting flowers in polymer and precious metal clays, she tries to capture the essence of Mother Nature.  She sculpts flowers and leaves in realistic form as well as whimsy. 


Her work has been shown and sold in various art galleries, art boutiques and botanical gardens in the Midwest. She does commission work, and does design work in jewelry and figurines for a national catalog company, as well as attending art shows and private events across the country.

As an award winning artist, she has received recognition for her detailed work, and continues to master her craft by developing new techniques and experimenting.

She resides on the prairie of Kansas.


Gold Silver Leaf Full.jpg

Each necklace, bracelet, brooch, cuff and pair of earrings is handcrafted, hand sculpted and an original design in polymer clay by Becky Miller.  Commissions are welcome.