Inspired by Mariam Haskell, famous for her designs back in the 30's-60's, this lovely bracelet belongs in the newly created Petite Bracelet collection. The seven flowers are hand sculpted from polymer clay and wired to a double band of paracord, which is what the bracelet is built on.  The outside of the cord sits fabulous glass leaf beads from the Czech Republic that are hand stitched. These beads are AB coated and bring color in shades of copper and crystal to the bracelet. Lightweight, fun, and one of a kind handmade jewelry. This bracelet has a small removable elastic band that can wrap around two beads for additional width. Fits 7-9 inch wrist.

Coral Petite Floral Bracelet

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    Each necklace, bracelet, brooch, cuff and pair of earrings is handcrafted, hand sculpted and an original design in polymer clay by Becky Miller.  Commissions are welcome.