Check out this work in progress....
more to come soon

Monarch WIP Canes.jpg

Colorful canes of clay I have made at the request of a customer to make monarch butterflies.

Monarch WIP.jpg

The beginning of butterflies...I have made close to 50 butterflies in all sizes and shapes....I haven't put them into designs yet...but I am working on that.

Purple Blue Chain 2.jpg

The blue Himalayan poppy, hand sculpted in polymer clay and built on gun metal chain. Bicone Swarovski crystals dangle from the chain.

Orange Chain Rose 2.jpg

Highly sculpted rose with a Swarovski crystal set in the center. Built on copper chain with 10mm red agate dangles.

Lily Chain 2.jpg

Highly sculpted Stargazer Lily in polymer clay decorated to mimic the real deal.  Built on chain with glass etched beads that dangle. 

Geraniums 1.jpg

This "wrap" necklace has no clasp. It just wraps around your neck is you can adjust that up or down. Many petite flowers around the bi-color leaf. The balance of the necklace sports two sizes and two colors of glass pearls and Czech Republic bi-cone crystal beads. 

Formed Canes.jpg

Designed canes to created the monarch wings.

Each necklace, bracelet, brooch, cuff and pair of earrings is handcrafted, hand sculpted and an original design in polymer clay by Becky Miller.  Commissions are welcome.